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Potential Earnings

The Terms

Consistent Interest Rate

Earn 10% interest on your investment for the life of the investment.

Monthly Payments

Interest is paid out consistently on the 7th of each month. Earn a monthly passive income payment!

5-Year Loan Term

The term of the loan is 5 years or until we're able to refinance the property, whichever comes first. You receive your full principle/initial investment back at the end of the term.

No Set Amount

We're flexible on the loan amounts. In fact, we prefer to start with smaller amounts for new private lenders to make surer it's the right fit for you!

How Much Can You Make In Just 5 Years?

Check out the investment samples below to see how much passive income you can make on your investment! 

Have a different amount than the examples below? Let's schedule a call to discuss what your monthly income would be!

Screen Shot 2023-06-15 at 3.14.26 PM.png
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